On the Way……(1)….Roads to life

Once I too had a mob with a camera nd once I was a collegeee 🙂 .

Roads to Life …..

Looking  into the journey to called college,..
that sleepy journey from home to my college ….Sights on the way…
A sleepy morning a beautiful sunrise
A view from bus
” HOmE For four Years “-Way to hostel
” A sun set” -from NGL Bus stand

At last, college life it’s all about frnd’s- a misty evening.

Days have passed, with that mob I have also lost those days somewhere… still memories are  sweet right 🙂

Into the crowd

Wearing that white dress,

She was looking just so beautiful…

He looked at her from behind the curtain.

Nd just hopped that she’ll stay smiling like that forever,

Her smile…even if it was for someone else, made him happy

Those eyes, that he dreamed of everyday, they where shining …

He walked back slowly descending the steps of the church,

Wedding bell’s rang and he  had that smile

Looking back into life he felt proud,

That small heart he had inside…

which was simple yet beautiful,

he kept in it just one , just her

After all those years he felt it,

empty, vacant….

He walked, never looking back ,

into the crowd, becoming one of them….

How much does your soul cost ?

He was walking back after a usual useless day.  Hopes of life seemed so bleak and he wondered if he would ever be able to live it on his own. Road was long ahead. When he walked nearer to the old Arch bridge that was build by British, he noticed someone walking ahead.

It was unusually dark after the rain, the person was wearing something white. One thing in particualr was noticable about the Guy, It was so clear that he was not walking properly. As the guy in white walked closed to the guard rails of bridge, he felt  something inside. But it was already late, as soon as he ran and reached the bridge the other  Guy   was up on the rails.

He looked back, those eyes where blank they had nothing in them, deep dark and already dead. He jumped, …. jumped into the depths of the roaring river that was overflowing with the rain water.


Senseless seconds, He somehow got upon the rails and as he looked down, he felt the same desire … Jump Jump someone told from inside

Short life that he has lived
He went through all good moments in those seconds
With a sharp intake of breadth
He was ready, Life was no fun till now
Roaring river below did sound great
It won’t take much time he thought

How Much does your soul cost ” , he heard that
that sound made him shiver
he got down on the bridge, he looked around
no body was there.

When he  walked back home, he knew he had more life in him and he was not alone

“Pain,  has a shape once you have seen it it has no significance …. So is death”

Keeping a smile

“He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.”

I looked at him with awe
As a child, when I was helpless
He was there to hold my hand, to show me the world
When words slipped,
He showed me the golden strings of silence
When I was broken in core,
He showed me how to smile

Son“, he told me, “life is much more than you see
You are still looking at your feet when you are walking
Look at the setting sun ,  feel the gentle breeze
let those waves wet your feet, Don’t hurry
You have time,  Keep a smile
Just remember you can’t stand still, move forward …
Life doesn’t stop here for you….”

Keeping a smile .. That is the most important thing 🙂

It was a thursday

5 people in one cabin … and 5 such cabins…  3 of them occupied
Ofcourse we have computers … We are an outsourced support team
I have a window to my left in my cabin , But it is always closed…

As usual it was a boring Day…
Merlin was smiling at me from my desktop
Somewhere a song was being played, 2nd cabin ??
Yeah It was metal, the Guy was singing about the whole fucking world.

As Usual I started to think about something to think ……………
I was almost there,  just a moment more of thought,
would have given me the complete picture on the evolution of homosapeins 😉
I felt the heat, the thread snapped, I was brought back to the cabin

Ohh .. As usual
those guys were working on the transformer…
It was getting really hot inside,
I turned to put on the fan,
and opened the window to breath…..

Something caught my eye .. a piece of shining metal
she was sitting there .. ring was on her thumb
And it went well with her slender fingers
She looked up .. straight into my eyes
2 seconds.. Ohh ma God.. she smiled

Power came back…It always, always happens like this ..  🙁
I had to close the window…
God plays his  game really coool man
Anyway I got something to think about for the day
The ring .. and those eyes…