Breaking free

I have Speed in my Blood , But I’m Bonded ..

What happens on one of those few days ….. When I gets free and wild

It is difficult spot a rider,
especially @11 in night, when the road gets clear

You may find him screaming past you
or may find him riding as if  he is a common biker
Give him a hint of challenge, see him waking up

So You got the rider
What is the next thing ??
You are on 40’s ….
Machine is giving out a faint murmur…

First thing to note,
Setting Yourself up, Getting into position…..
Keep your body close to machine
Don’t sit firm,… But Keep your feet firm
Takes your eyes from the road ,
Set it on the curves and corners ahead

Next the machine,
Take the control from her,
You Know You can’t rely on her brakes
So forget that part 😉
She will screammmm,
her two stroke engine  starts to Burn
with the extra fuel you pump in,
Pistons run wild, firing on each revolution
Her Valveless heart begins to rev at 7500rpm

He is ahead ….
With his 150cc machine ,
Things that he have,
A heavier machine.. with better stability
Better cubic capacity engine.. beter power output
Better Brakes, Better Vision with improved head lights

And You have
A machine that was not designed for ride, But for RACEEE
A lower capacity.. But much lighter engine…
A proven acceleration .. With firing on each stoke instead of two
Amazning control…You can let her lie  flat
And pick her up with one trun on accelerator

Yeah You Hear that Moan..
She’s ready .. 90’sssss
The injection gets steady
Fuel is getting Pumped into the Engine
She starts to Growl
Transmission occurs … Back Tyre Shivers From the enormous Pumped output
She is literally air Borne. And where is the Rider ??? 🙂

You shuts your Brain at this point..
Actions turn Involuntary, Spine is on charge 😀
The thin thread that connects you to this world snaps
…Seconds of Weightlessness
Bonds Break and you are free

Carcass ..Inside

For those who are far .. You may never notice me
My existence in this world is as just one in the crowd
No word to signify me … I’ll stay Invisible.

For those Who are near .. I may look like a
Slightly delusional .. Dreamer with no aim in life
Who works around the clock and smiles a bit more than needed

For a few, a rare few of you …
I’m a pracitcal …  down to earth person
Who lives for his family … fights for his life

And for me myself, who Knows what lies inside
I’m a dead Carcass .. A lifeless form …
When I look at me, at certain times I do notice a
Hint of life .., No a sharp beam of life
Which keeps me going ….

I’m feeling a urge to scream
to ask him , why I am here ???
Why I loves life so deeply ??
and still Why i’m feeling so empty ??

Questions, Questions…. life for me is filled with them , They trigger me … Shows me the path to walk. Makes me look at myself and think and think and think ….

Walking through the Beaten road …..

Life is still the same for me

I’m 23 now, I have seen the world,

Enough to know that it is not a good place to live

Just a few days before , I decided to enter the tunnel,

More than my decision, It was the way chosen for me by fate

On this end still there was light but,

I thought may be if I pass through this short phase,

I Can reach a better place ,

I can hope for a better tomorrow,

I can see all those colors of this world,

Thus I made that crossing ,

After those days of innocence in school,

After felling the frantic rush of blood in my teens,

After the youthful joys of college,

Yes, I decided to enter the tunnel

It was dark inside, and I felt alone,

Much more alone than I have felt in my whole life,

Looking straight I saw a faint glow of light,

Which I hoped, as my better tomorrow,

I walked a bit, ran a lot but still haven’t reached the light….

As every averge Indian Hopes, I hopes for a better tomorrow, Never stops in the tunnel , thinks this as phase of my life , tries to run as fast as I can. But who knows, as most of them perish the Tunnel can become life itself for me. Still i’m running ……………

Booting !

booting ….Into my thoughts and life …Got a chance to scribe…..nothing Heavy..But if ur interested in the world tht goes around me read on….