How much does your soul cost ?

He was walking back after a usual useless day.  Hopes of life seemed so bleak and he wondered if he would ever be able to live it on his own. Road was long ahead. When he walked nearer to the old Arch bridge that was build by British, he noticed someone walking ahead.

It was unusually dark after the rain, the person was wearing something white. One thing in particualr was noticable about the Guy, It was so clear that he was not walking properly. As the guy in white walked closed to the guard rails of bridge, he felt  something inside. But it was already late, as soon as he ran and reached the bridge the other  Guy   was up on the rails.

He looked back, those eyes where blank they had nothing in them, deep dark and already dead. He jumped, …. jumped into the depths of the roaring river that was overflowing with the rain water.


Senseless seconds, He somehow got upon the rails and as he looked down, he felt the same desire … Jump Jump someone told from inside

Short life that he has lived
He went through all good moments in those seconds
With a sharp intake of breadth
He was ready, Life was no fun till now
Roaring river below did sound great
It won’t take much time he thought

How Much does your soul cost ” , he heard that
that sound made him shiver
he got down on the bridge, he looked around
no body was there.

When he  walked back home, he knew he had more life in him and he was not alone

“Pain,  has a shape once you have seen it it has no significance …. So is death”

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