It was a thursday

5 people in one cabin … and 5 such cabins…  3 of them occupied
Ofcourse we have computers … We are an outsourced support team
I have a window to my left in my cabin , But it is always closed…

As usual it was a boring Day…
Merlin was smiling at me from my desktop
Somewhere a song was being played, 2nd cabin ??
Yeah It was metal, the Guy was singing about the whole fucking world.

As Usual I started to think about something to think ……………
I was almost there,  just a moment more of thought,
would have given me the complete picture on the evolution of homosapeins 😉
I felt the heat, the thread snapped, I was brought back to the cabin

Ohh .. As usual
those guys were working on the transformer…
It was getting really hot inside,
I turned to put on the fan,
and opened the window to breath…..

Something caught my eye .. a piece of shining metal
she was sitting there .. ring was on her thumb
And it went well with her slender fingers
She looked up .. straight into my eyes
2 seconds.. Ohh ma God.. she smiled

Power came back…It always, always happens like this ..  🙁
I had to close the window…
God plays his  game really coool man
Anyway I got something to think about for the day
The ring .. and those eyes…

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