On the Way……(1)….Roads to life

Once I too had a mob with a camera nd once I was a collegeee 🙂 .

Roads to Life …..

Looking  into the journey to called college,..
that sleepy journey from home to my college ….Sights on the way…
A sleepy morning a beautiful sunrise
A view from bus
” HOmE For four Years “-Way to hostel
” A sun set” -from NGL Bus stand

At last, college life it’s all about frnd’s- a misty evening.

Days have passed, with that mob I have also lost those days somewhere… still memories are  sweet right 🙂

One comment on “On the Way……(1)….Roads to life

  1. Machambees…..sitekalokke polappan thanne…(entethippozhum all in blak n wite…)

    But y dont u update it a bit?

    Blaagukalokke adichangu kettin!

    (hint: copy paste from sam news/thund website 😉 )

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